Lampas Energy was founded in 2011 with the belief that we can all make change.

We understand there's confusion, too much information and many questions. We help businesses and households improve their energy, resource and water efficiency to avoid wasting money.

We work with manufacturers of energy efficient products to identify and develop opportunities within the Australian market. Our clients and partners include manufacturers of LED lighting, solar window film, heat and energy recovery ventilation systems and draught-proofing products from US, Canada, China, and within Australia. We provide market analysis, product efficacy and safety testing, field trials, and a range of other services.

We work with community organisations to develop and deliver projects and community engagement programs around energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainability.

That's why we started. To answer those questions. And show you the way.

Sustainability is in our DNA

We walk the talk. Everything we do, from using green printers to produce our stationery, to cycling and using public transport to get around wherever possible, is focused on a low impact approach. We minimise the emissions we generate.

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