Upgrading lighting is a good way to stop wasting energy. But that's the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Small or large.  Whether retail, hotel and hospitality, an office or showroom, or a manufacturing site or warehouse – we can help you run smarter.

We guide you – from site review, evaluation and quotation to finance, installation and operation. Avoid wasting energy. Make better use of financial and natural resources.

Proven solutions could save you more than 30% of the energy used in your business.

• High efficiency LED and induction lighting for offices and warehouses, hospitality and tourism, and manufacturing and retail

• Solar energy systems including battery storage and smart controls

• Heat recovery ventilation and energy recovery ventilation systems

• Phase change materials to create smart thermal mass

• Air tightness, insulation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system improvements

• Low-emissivity solar window films to upgrade window systems and improve comfort year-round.

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Reducing the cost of upgrades

We advise on available grants, rebates and financing options to fund your upgrade at the lowest cost to your business.

LED and induction lighting

Lighting can be a major part of your energy costs – and one that’s easy to reduce.

Efficient lighting technologies reduce energy waste by up to 90% over old technologies.

Why wouldn’t you make the switch?

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