Lampas Energy consult on and install renewable energy and energy efficiency products for businesses and households.

We develop business and marketing strategy and community engagement programs to support sustainability and renewable energy projects.

We also manage compliance and operational requirements for energy efficiency products and product installers.

We ignite change in three key areas

Assist businesses and households to save money and reduce carbon emissions with energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades, consulting advice and building design improvements.

Develop, manage and implement product approval, regulatory compliance and certificate creation operations for product installers, designers and manufacturers.

Deliver community engagement programs
to support development applications and local
cohesion for energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainability projects.




Lampas Energy at home

We install products to help you stop wasting energy in your home.

Run your home smarter to save up to 30% of your energy used in your home.

• Energy efficient LED lighting

• Phase change materials to create smart thermal mass

• Heat and energy recovery ventilation systems

• Solar electricity systems with battery storage and smart control options

• Insulation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system improvements

• Low-emissivity solar window films to improve comfort year–round.

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Renewable energy

Why buy electricity when you can generate your own?

Install renewable energy systems including solar electricity systems with battery storage and smart controls to minimise your energy bills.

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Market and regulatory compliance consulting

We work with manufacturers, importers and distributors of energy efficiency and renewable energy products to identify opportunities in the Australian market.

This includes market analysis, product efficacy and safety testing, field trials, and other services such as regulatory product approval and compliance processes.

Ask us about helping your business introduce new products or create new opportunities for existing products by focusing on energy efficiency.

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